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Transmission/Distribution & Substation

Gulf Extreme Engineering’s Power/Energy Division is specialized in the design & construction of energy facilities in Afghanistan. GEE have all the necessary technical & financial resources for the design & construction of all elements of the HV/MV substations and electrical network. As a Design-Build Contractor, we provide our clients with complete solutions, from the design and calculations to the commissioning phase.
Gulf Extreme Engineering also provide repair services, reconstruction, maintenance and commissioning of power facilities. Over the past years, we have successfully completed / implemented several HV/MV Transmission/Distribution and Substation projects.
Gulf Extreme Engineering is able to cope with a project of any complexity and remoteness of the location even in very challenging and austere areas of Afghanistan. Gulf Extreme Engineering has successfully built transmission and distribution systems ranging from 20kV to 400kV. We have undertaken construction of transmission/distribution lines in the remotest of regions across Afghanistan – among the most difficult and dangerous work we have completed.
Gulf Extreme Engineering understands the unique challenges of these often difficult and sometimes dangerous work environments. Our skilled teams and partners work with local leaders to ensure that the local people understand the merits of our projects and benefit from our efforts.
Gulf Extreme Engineering is an expert in development of electric grids. We have successfully carried out construction and installation of substations and power transmission lines of all voltage levels in various types of terrains and very challenging/austere areas of Afghanistan.
We are a one-stop-shop with a proven track record of completion of most of the projects on our own. Our headquarters in Kabul have made significant contribution to the energy infrastructure of Afghanistan. Our expertise makes us the market leader in our home country, but we are also actively expanding our operations in numerous international markets.
Cost Effectiveness
Gulf Extreme Engineering has a vertically integrated business model that allows us to engage in all construction stages: design, logistics, production, construction, testing and commissioning. This enables us to make quick decisions and changes in the best interest of our clients. Vertical integration also gives us a chance to minimize project costing.
Our track record testifies that GEE completes its projects on time and within budget. We are also a financially stable company, with asset-heavy balance sheet and without any debts.