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Construction and Construction Management

Since 2004 Gulf Extreme Engineering & Construction has developed a portfolio of more than 65 projects completed or underway for several U.S. Government agencies and other governmental and non-governmental clients worldwide.
Gulf Extreme Engineering & Construction’s vertical construction projects include military bases, border crossings, police headquarters, courthouses, educational facilities, logistics depots, detention centers, warehouses, and workshops.
Gulf Extreme Engineering & Construction’s horizontal construction experience includes designing and building roads, highways, bridges, helipads, airport aprons, retaining walls, drainage channels, and parking facilities. Gulf Extreme Engineering & Construction has also provided road rehabilitation services for hundreds of kilometers of national highways throughout Afghanistan. Gulf Extreme Engineering & Construction has designed and built small and medium-sized power generation plants (1-10 MW), transmission and distribution lines, transformers and substations, micro-hydropower dams, water-supply systems, and sewage and wastewater treatment plants.

Estimating & Pre-Construction Services

Monitor and/or manage design progress.

Develop the preliminary construction budget and a procurement strategy with long lead item prioritization.

Perform value-engineering and constructability analysis.

Develop the final budget and develop the final schedule and product phasing.

Assist the design team in developing a simple and realistic maintenance plan through analysis of all proposed products, materials, and systems.

Develop a preliminary site logistics approach, including solutions for site access, bridging, deliveries, materials storage, and crew facilities.

Provide comprehensive take-offs for all construction activities and compare subcontractors’ pricing.

Manage plan and document circulation. Assist the design team in all activities necessary for document filing to commence.

Execute recovery and disposal of contaminated materials.

Collect and Analyze subcontractor bids. Execute and administer contracts with qualified lowest bidders. Construction Phase Services

Implement a practical approach to project execution and mobilize the site.

Mobilize the site.

Implement management information and reporting systems.

Maintain continuous site supervision and complete control of subcontractors for purposes of maintaining the highest quality of workmanship and manage construction labor relations.

Monitor job site safety programs and expeditiously resolve all arising issues.

Track and update project schedule and budget.

Manage plans and documents and expeditiously process payments.

Report any potential areas of concern and propose solutions to the client.

Implement all changes required by the client.

Maintain logs of submittals, requests for information, and change orders.

Provide the most competitive pricing for change orders; research alternate means the achieve the same results at no additional cost.

Hold weekly job site meetings with the client, sub-trades, and the design team.

Hold additional meetings whenever an issue arises requiring immediate resolution.

Proceed with partial punch lists when possible. Coordinate furnishings installation process with the client and vendors.

Hand over space on time with a completed punch list.

Close-Out Services
Provide a complete close-out of the package, including “as-built” drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, guarantees, warranties, subcontractor list, and contact information.

Startup all systems.

Provide training on all equipment and systems to be operated by the client.

Provide a balancing report for the HVAC system; comfort balance when space is fully occupied.

Provide a list of replacement parts and sources, including keys, light bulbs, and filters for A/Cunits, flooring, tiles, etc.

Maintain communication with the operator and replace all defective or under warranty items as required.

Provide additional pricing and, upon approval, execution of additional work as requested by the client.